Dress Forms & Straight Pins


(Quality Fairgate Aluminum Rulers, Plastic Rulers, Tape Measures, Hem Gauge, Button Gauge, Cuff Rules, Wooden Rules)

Pins & Chalk

Papers and Pattern Boards & Patternmaking Supplies

Scissors and Shears


Scissors and Shears

(Mundial, Knives and Cutters) 


(Braided, Woven, Knit, Non-Roll, Elastic Looping, Specialty Elastics)

Decorative Zipper Pulls

(Aluminum, Nickel, Brass, Antique Finishes)


(Nylon, Plastic)


(Nylon, Metal)



(Nylon, Ykk Conceal, Nylon Call, Plastic Molded, “Jeans” Zippers)

Linings, Interlinings, Muslin & Snap Fasteners & Metal Closures



(Cotton, Polyester, Core Threads, Glazed)




(Belt Looping, Nylon Monofilament, Metallic, Silk, Gimp, Polyamide, Thread Rack/Cone Thread Holder)

Hooks & Tape

(Snape Tape, Hook & Eye Tape, Eyelet Tape, Lingerie Tabs, D-Rings, Overall Clips, Detachable Links, Eyelets)

Sew-On Snaps & Hooks, Eyes and Loops

(Brass Snaps, Covered Snaps, Covered Buttons, Skirt Hooks & Eyes,  Dress Hooks, Eyes & Loops, Covered Hooks, Eyes & Rings)


Should Pads

(Foam, Molded Polyester, Constructed, Covered, Sleeve Heads, Bust Pads, Bra Cups) 

Underwire and Custom Print Labels





Hook and Loop Fastener & Ribbon

(Sew in, Pressure Sensitive, Dress Ribbon, Satin, Grosgrain)



Behind the Scenes

(Seam Building, Lace Edge, Hanger Tapes, Hercules (Middy) Braid, Twill Tape, Horse Hair Braid, Boning, Ban-Rol, Hytex Belting, Bias Binding, Cable Cord, Jacket Cord) 

Needles & Machine Supplies

(Industrial Machine Needles, Bobbins, Machine Feet, Seam Rippers, Silicone Spray)



Attaching Guns, Needles and Barbs

(Tagging Guns, Dennison, Eagle, Needles, Barbs)



Hand Sewing Needles & Leather Worker’s Corner

(Lace &Dritz,  Glovers Needles, Cold Tape, Awls, Fur Blade Holder, Cement/Thinner, Table Dressing Oil, Double Faced Tape, Granite Tag Boards) 

Decorative Trim

(Cords, Ropes, Braids All Natural)


Decorative Trim

(Frogs/Fringe/Flowers/Tassels, Specialty Elastics, Rhinestones and Setting Machine)



(Loop Turner, Point Turner, Seam Ripper, Thimbles, Marking Pen, Dressmaker’s Marking Pencil, Tracing Wheels, Stitch Witchery, Pin Cushions, Pin Caddies, Sewing Machine Oil) 

Iron Board Covers and Pads & Helmac

(Cotton Cover, Lightweight Flannel,  Heavy Flannel, Waffle Pad, Lint Roller, Lint Pic-up, Magik Lint Brush)


Pressing Accessories

(Velvet Needle Board, Sleeve Boards, Pressing Blocks, Dressmaker’s Hams)


Irons and Steamers

(Padded Iron Cover, Jiffy Steamers, Personal Hand Held Steamer, Teflon Shoes)


Cleaning Fluids and Sprays & Glues and Adhesives & Fabric Dye




Plastic Hangers

(Gripper, Swivel Hook, Lightweight Plastic Hangers, Clip, Outerwear, Skirt/Slack)



(Suit, Majestic, Imperial, Victorian, Gripper Hanger )

Wire and Specialty Hangers

( Strut, Dress/Suit, Slack N Skirt, Big Men’s, Bell Shape, Display Hangers, Flocked)



Hanger Accessories

(Foam Hanger Covers, Foam Guards, Shoulder Covers, T-Clips, Size Dividers, Mini Markers, Paper Size Donuts, Jet Plastic Clips, Tie-Black Clips)


PVC Bags

(Blanket Bag, Baby Quilt Bag, Car Seat Cover Bag, Zippered Bag, Hot-Seal Storage Bag, Zipper Garment Bags, Zip Lock Bags, Piece Good Bags)

Poly Bags & Custom Printing

( Polyethylene Garment Bags, Rack Dispenser, Sweater Bags)


Shipping Supplies

(Corrugated Boxes, Plastic Boxes, Packing Tissue, Wrapping Paper, Bubble Wrap, Cardboard Tubes, Shopping Bags, Tape and Tape Guns, Labels, Twine, Cable Ties, Packaging Handles)